How to create your affiliate link and find banners

  Affiliate Program

Having a unique affiliate link is key to getting started with affiliate marketing. Read the instructions below to learn how to generate an affiliate link and find eye-catching banners to put on your site.

Creating your affiliate link

  • Log in to your Impact Radius account
  • Find the Create a link option on the Dashboard or in the left-hand menu:
  • Paste the URL into the text box and click ‘Create’. You may use the main page at or paste the link to a specific landing page.

A new URL will be generated and appear in the box under ‘Use this link to promote’. This link will be embedded with your unique tracking information. Use this generated URL for your affiliate activities.

How to find banners

  • On the filter bar, select under Brand, then check off Banner and Text link under Ad Type:
  • Find a banner you like and select Get Code from the Actions column:

You’ll see a popup window with a number of code options, such as HTML link, single tracking link, or Iframe link: