How to generate a CSR code on Plesk 12

  CSR generation instructions

You can generate the CSR code using Plesk Panel 12 by following simple steps below:

1. Log in to your Plesk Panel.

2. Select the Websites & Domains tab and locate the domain you want to have secured with an SSL certificate.

3. Choose your domain name and go to the Secure Your Sites menu.

4. Click Add SSL Certificate to add a new certificate entry. It will contain all relevant certificate information: private key, CSR code, end-entity certificate and a chain of CA certificates.

5. On the new page, enter Certificate Name. It is needed to recognize the certificate among other SSLs on the server. Below you will see the form to input the information you would like your CSR code to contain:

Country: choose your country from the drop-down list;

State or province: enter your state or region;

Location (city): enter your city or locality;

Organization name (company): enter your company name. If you have an Organization or Extended Validation certificate, Certificate Authorities will verify the company information supplied in the CSR code. For Domain Validation SSLs company information is not included in the issued certificate, therefore you can use NA for DV certificates, if you do not have a company.

Organization department or division name: enter the name of the department within the above mentioned company;

Domain name: enter the domain name you want to secure with the SSL certificate. If you have a Wildcard certificate, please use the asterisk symbol in front of the domain name (e.g. *;

Email: input your email. This address will not be used by the Certificate Authority in any way for the validation or delivery of the issued certificate.

After the required information is filled in, click Request.

6. As a result the CSR code will be generated and you will be taken to the page with the list of SSL certificates for your domain.

Along with the CSR code, the RSA private key will be generated. Private Key will be needed for the certificate installation. To view both codes, you need to click on the certificate entry in the list of certificates.

7. At the bottom of the following page, you will see both CSR code and Private Key that you generated.

Copy the CSR including the —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– headers and paste the code into the activation form on our site.

Note: Make sure you do not delete the certificate entry in the Secure Your Sites menu. It will be needed for the certificate installation further.

After the certificate is issued, please use the following guide to install the certificate.