Sectigo is the New Name of Comodo CA

Have you heard the big news? Our partner Comodo CA is changing its name to Sectigo! But don’t worry… As far as our customers are concerned, that’s all that’s changing. You will still get all the great technology, service and security you’ve come to expect. It’s just now it has a different name and brand. If reading’s not your thing, they’ve even done a video to explain the basics too.

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Ultimate (Beginner’s) Guide to SSLs



Have you ever heard of an SSL and wondered what it’s for? You’ve heard that your website might need one, but googling it only returns overcomplicated graphs, encryption algorithms and mile long articles. The information out there is so boring it’s easy to give up and switch back to watching tiny hamsters eating burritos.

However, there’s an easy way to learn about SSL that we know you’ll love…

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