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Australia to toughen privacy laws after huge telecom cyber attack

The Australian government plans to overhaul its rules regarding disclosure of cyberattacks following an extensive attack on its second-largest telecoms firm Optus. The current law does not allow companies to share information about their customers with third-parties, such as banks, making it difficult to notify banks of users who may have been affected to minimize fraud. 

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Google reaches $392 million settlement in location tracking investigation

Google has agreed to pay a record-breaking settlement after 40 US state attorneys investigated the tech giant’s tracking practices. At $392 million, it is the largest privacy settlement ever. The main issue at the center of the investigation was Google’s misleading privacy practices, which Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum described as prioritizing “profit over their users’ privacy”. 

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British hacker charged with allegedly operating notorious dark web market

A 34-year-old man called Daniel Kaye has been arraigned by a US federal court and charged with access device fraud and money laundering conspiracy. This charge comes from the Londoner’s alleged involvement with The Real Deal, a dark web marketplace that specialized in selling stolen data and illicit goods. This charge comes following years of attempted prosecutions.

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How brand impersonation attacks could hurt your business

When you launch a business it can seem impossible to factor in all possibilities when it comes to protecting both your brand’s reputation and your customers. With the endless possibilities of cyber attacks, it would be easy to forget the threat of brand impersonation, but that would be a mistake. 

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Google simplifies removing personal info from search results

Ever Googled your name and found yourself uncomfortable with the breadth of personal information you’ve found in the results pages? 

It’s a common feeling, especially with our lives becoming ever more digital. One of the consequences of increased connectivity can be losing autonomy over personal data. And it’s not just discomfort that can result from having these kinds of details online. Privacy is crucial to staying safe online. Having private data readily available puts people at risk of threats like online harassment such as doxxing. According to SafeHome, 21% of Americans (around 43 million people) have experienced doxxing of some kind. 

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