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Cora is a digital copywriter for Having eight years of experience in online content creation, she is a versatile writer with an interest in a wide variety of topics, ranging from technology to marketing.

The problem with certificate pinning

SSL encryption is among the most foolproof ways to secure your site, but what if you could strengthen it even further? A few years back, certificate pinning was a practice often used to enhance the security of an SSL security. People believed it helped mitigate the risks of cyber threats like man-in-the-middle attacks and certificate misissuance, making it more difficult for hackers to use SSL certificates in their attacks. 

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Getting started with SEO for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to implement it is a must for any small business or entrepreneur doing business online. Whether you’ve heard of it before or it’s a new term for you, it can be hard to know where to start. This beginner’s guide should put you in the right direction. Read on to learn what SEO is, how it works, and how to implement it on your site. 

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7 things you must do for small business website security

There are many important considerations you must take when running a small business, one of which is website security. While many might launch a website and promptly forget about it, it isn’t wise — particularly if your business has an online component.

Keep your small business website safe and secure by following these seven best practices.  

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What to know about PCI compliance in 2024

Taking transactions from customers is a big responsibility, especially when it comes to issues like security, privacy, and customer protection. This is why The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, comprised of leading credit card companies, including Mastercard and Visa, created the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

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How to protect yourself from phishing scams

The first example of phishing was recorded in 1995 when hackers impersonated AOL staff and messaged users, asking them to share their passwords. Nearly 30 years later, this notorious type of cyber attack shows no sign of letting up. 

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What is DNS forwarding?

If you have a website or simply use the Internet, you’ve probably experienced DNS forwarding, even if you didn’t realize it. It’s a key mechanism of online networks to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. But like most aspects of using the Internet, it’s all happening in the background, so you’re not even aware of it. 

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What is an SSL port?

SSL certificates are integral to staying secure online, encrypting connections so that everyone’s data stays safe and secure while in transit. If you’re familiar with, maybe you already know that. But even if you know about the function of SSL certificates, perhaps you’ve come across the term SSL port and not understood what it is. 

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