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How SSL certificates inspire trust in customers

For online businesses that take credit card transactions, trust is a huge consideration. You can work hard to perfect your product offering, come up with the best deals, and market until the cows come up, but if people don’t trust you, you can forget about finding success. All your efforts will be pointless if potential customers don’t find your site credible or trustworthy. Trust is so important that it’s even a key SEO factor ranking for Google. 

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Cipher suites and TLS protocols

Commercial SSL certificates are often described in quite simple terms, for the sake of clarity. This is so the basic idea behind them can be understood by everyone, not just those with a web tech background. But when a web browser connects to a website with an SSL certificate, there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes in order to establish a secure HTTPS connection. Today we’re going to focus on an integral part of that connection: Cipher Suites. 

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Can an SSL be hacked?

Let’s answer this question right off the bat: it’s unlikely. Though not impossible, the chances of an SSL certificate itself being hacked is incredibly slim. However, just because you have an SSL installed, that doesn’t mean your website isn’t vulnerable in other areas. Misunderstandings about an SSL being “hacked” tend to come from confusion about what an SSL actually does for a website. Let’s clear up some of that confusion, shall we?

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