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CISA’s ransomware warning program sees success

Ransomware attacks are a continual problem across various industries and organizations and can have a catastrophic impact on a company’s reputation, finances, and technology. According to The State of Ransomware 2024 from Sophos, a whopping 59% of organizations were targeted by ransomware last year. 

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A Microsoft worker accidentally prevented a global Linux cyberattack

While you were celebrating (or not celebrating) Easter, a German developer was busy stopping a potentially catastrophic cyber attack on the most widely used open-source operating system — Linux. 

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3 ways to keep your smart cam secure

The development of IoT devices has brought with it a plethora of conveniences. Smart cameras are especially popular among people who want to check in on their pets when they’re not around or are worried about home security. 

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Chrome updates privacy protection and Incognito mode

Google has recently changed its Chrome browser, promising to keep users even safer as they browse. The main areas in which these changes are being made are the Safe Browsing feature and Incognito mode. Let’s take a closer look. 

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How to fix the SSL handshake failed error code 525

In an ideal world, once you install an SSL certificate, you should be able to forget about it, safe in the knowledge that your site will remain secured until it’s time to renew. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even when there’s nothing wrong with the SSL itself, there are myriad technical server-side or browser issues that can cause it not to work properly, resulting in error messages for people trying to reach your site. 

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What you need to know about SSL on iPhone

SSL has become an intrinsic part of securing all areas of our online lives, even if we aren’t always aware of those powerful encryption certificates continually doing their thing in the background. They aren’t just critical when using a desktop or laptop computer, but mobile devices too. 

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