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4 reasons why customer service is so important

When starting an online business, there are countless factors to consider, from building an intuitive website that works to sourcing inventory. Another area you shouldn’t neglect is customer service. And not just any customer service — quality customer service. 

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How to write a great press release

Chances are if you run an online business, you will need to write a press release at some stage. A written document that announces something new about your organization, a press release can be sent to the media to help get coverage for your brand. Some examples of when you might produce a press release include launching a new product, changes in your product offering, a grand opening, updates on your organizational structure, sharing a customer success story, a rebrand, and other types of breaking news.

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11 site scanner security tools we’re thankful for

Top 11 security and SSL tools

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we want to give thanks to the oftentimes unsung heroes of website management and security — those who create useful apps and online tools (especially free and open source ones!) Without these tools, keeping websites and the online world as a whole safe would be a much more difficult task.

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7 ways to increase traffic to your website

Increasing traffic is always a critical concern whether you’ve just launched a website or have been around for a while. After all, whatever the reason you created it in the first place, most people start a site with the intention of it being seen. 

If you’re unsure about where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to drive traffic to your website.

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11 pros and cons of launching an e-commerce store

As the Internet has grown in usage, so has the prevalence in e-commerce stores. Shopping online has become so normalized these days that many can make all their purchases without leaving their house or entering an actual store.

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Your guide to buying and registering a domain

Seeing as is, well, an SSL website, we cover primarily security-related topics on the blog, as well as everything you need to know about SSL certificates. But what about what comes before SSLs even cross your mind? Before that, you need a website, and before that, you need to know how to buy a domain name for that website. A good one. 

If this has been on your mind lately, this guide is for you. Read on to discover all the key points of buying and registering a domain.

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Malicious Chrome extensions can steal plaintext passwords

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created and uploaded a proof of concept browser extension to the Chrome Web Store that can manipulate text input fields in websites. Why would a group of researchers do such a thing? That would be to show that it’s possible to upload such an extension to Chrome’s Web Store without breaching the browser’s current security and privacy standard, Manifest V3. If this extension can steal passwords and still be approved, there’s no telling how many seemingly legit and safe currently available extensions can do the same.

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