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Update: the Referral Program ended on October 31, 2023.  

Ever wanted to help make the Internet a better place and make cash at the same time? Now’s your chance! The Referral Program allows you to earn account funds by referring people to

How do I join?

We sent our customers an email about the Referral Program with a unique coupon code.

Didn’t get that email? Please contact us in chat, and we’ll issue a coupon code for you.

How does the referral program work?

  • Share your unique coupon with your friends, colleagues, or classmates.
  • For every first-time customer order, you’ll get 50% (half) of the total amount in your account funds.

Is there any benefit for a person I refer?

Yes, they get 15% off any SSL in their first order.

How do you know sales are coming from me as a referrer?

If the order is made using your unique coupon code, we can tell you have referred a person. If they use another coupon code or none at all, that order won’t count as a referred order.

What happens if a person I referred refunds their order?

The funds issued for the refunded order will be removed from your account balance.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

  • You will receive a monthly report email at the end of each calendar month. It will feature the number of new customers that made an order at via your referral coupon code and the expected amount added to your account balance.
  • You can check your current funds balance in your account. The funds are issued on the 20th day of the following calendar month

What if I don’t receive a monthly report?

  • There were no orders made by new customers using your referral coupon code during the previous month.
  • You are not subscribed to our emails. If you’ve had successful referrals, your account funds will still be updated, even if you don’t receive an email report. To start receiving monthly reports, please add yourself to our mailing list in your profile.

What if my referral doesn’t appear in a monthly report?

We will do our best to resolve this issue. Please contact us in chat, specifying the following information: your account email, referee Order ID, and the order date.

Can I withdraw funds?

The funds you earn cannot be withdrawn; they can only be used to purchase or renew products at

Terms of service

  1. You agree with the terms of the referral program by sharing your unique referral coupon code.
  2. Referrers will receive 50% (half) of the new customer’s order value in their account funds on the 20th day of the following calendar month. Referrers will not receive credit for any further orders from customers they refer. Account credit will only be provided for orders made using the referral coupon code.
  3. Referrers are prohibited from creating new accounts and making orders using their unique coupon code. If abuse of the Referral Program is suspected, has the right to remove any funds earned, disable the coupon code, and discontinue account top-ups for those suspected.
  4. has the right to remove account funds credited to referrers for orders that were refunded and/or considered to be fraudulent.
  5. Orders made by new customers via the affiliate program using a referral coupon will not receive referral commission, only affiliate commission.
  6. Account credit earned from the Referral Program cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used to purchase products from
  7. Account credit earned from the Referral Program is to be used within 12 months of the date of issuance.
  8. The Referral program ends on October 31. Coupon codes issued to referrers will no longer be valid after that date. Referrers will not receive an account credit for new customer orders made after the Referral Program ends.
  9. has the right to update the referral program terms at any moment.

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