A Timeline of Terrible Tech Predictions

Here’s a scary thought - the scene in Back to the Future Part II where they go to the ‘future’ is now set in the past. 

The film’s creators got some things right, Google Glass-esque wearable tech, video calling, and tablet computers, to name a few.

However Marty McFly also took us on a far-fetched adventure full of wacky flying cars, self-fitting clothes, flying hover boards, and … fax machines.
In the real world too, pundits have shot and missed when trying to guess what will and will not become the next big thing. These terrible predictions have lost some very influential companies and individuals a lot of money and respect.

The case of the Michigan Savings Bank is especially tragic – they not only denied the potential of the automobile, but did so in front of Henry Ford, who was seeking their investment. The bank later subsided, but the car is now an essential component of our everyday lives.

It’s easy to laugh at these predictions, using the almighty power of hindsight, but could you predict the next major technological shift? SSLs.com is constantly on the lookout for future security trends so that we can keep your websites safe.

Terrible Tech Predictions Infographic

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