Get better prices–now you can buy a four year SSL

We’re all about making things easy and giving our customers the best prices possible, so we’re feeling the party mode right now. Our team has created a workaround for the normal industry rule which only lets people buy a one or two year SSL Certificate.

What’s In It for You

We won’t bore you with the granular system stuff behind the scenes, but the bottom line is we’ve made it possible for you to now buy SSL website protection for up to 4 years – double the usual maximum. This way you can get the lowest prices in the marketplace. Buying an SSL valid for more years gives you a bulk discount. It also protects you against industry prices rises.

How It Works

You’ll go ahead and buy the SSL Certificate(s) you need in our easy Checkout process, selecting ‘Valid for: 4 years’. You also have a three year option. Thirty days before the usual two year limit is up, we’ll send you an email reminder to Reactivate. This will add on the next two years which you already paid for, there’s no extra charge. Even if you ignore our Reactivate email reminders (we won’t hold it against you), there’s nothing to worry about because you don’t lose out. Reactivate any time within the lifespan you originally purchased. In some cases, like the PositiveSSL Certificate, we’ll give you a heads up to Reactivate after one year to benefit from the lowest prices on offer. So there you go. We hope you like the extra savings! Head to our newly designed Home Page which makes it super easy for you to choose the encryption security that best suits your needs.
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