Secret Ciphers and Codes from History – Infographic

In the grand scheme of things, the Information Age is still in its infancy. For millennia humans could only communicate through speaking, let alone through print, or even writing.

The speed at which we’ve advanced communication, just in the past few decades, has created unique challenges when it comes to protecting individual privacy.

As far back as antiquity though, keeping communications secret was just as important. Secret love letters, sinister plots, and covert military orders have always required a level of deniability; should they fall into the wrong hands. As communication has advanced and complexified, so too have our methods of disguising them.
Passwords Final Infographic
As the most common password of 2015 was, predictably, ‘password’ we’ve looked back to the past for inspiration for alternatives. Smoke signals, flag semaphore, and the anything involving squiggly symbols in the place of letters might not translate well on a conventional keyboard, but we see no reason why you can’t try these out IRL. Just imagine: “The dinner’s ready, quick, light a fire to let your brother know!”

Others though we do think could be… semi… useful. Take, for example the Caesar Cipher: simply move each letter in your password one further along the alphabet, and boom, you’ve got yourself some legible gobbledygook!

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