Stupid Smart Gadgets – Infographic

In the last century the human race has advanced dramatically in terms of technology. We now have escalators to do our climbing, cars to do our walking, and Youtubers to play our video games for us. 

In an ever-changing world gadgets and gizmos need to be able to keep up, and in the last few years the new race of ‘smart’ gadgets have emerged. Smart phones, smart televisions and smart-ies have changed the way the human race interacts with the world.
Indeed, this has opened up the market for new exciting inventions, allowing even further advancement for humanity; however not all of these ideas have been as revolutionary as, say, the stuffed-crust pizza.
Some have been downright ridiculous. For instance, thought that internet-enabled interactive kettles, nappies, and even toilets are needed for modern society. Some of them are only slightly ridiculous, and we secretly think they’re quite cool. For example, while representing everything wrong with hashtag culture, the selfie mirror would make a nice addition to our office bathrooms.
To help distinguish the bad from the crazy, we’ve provided a super-scientific score out of 10 for usefulness, coolness, insanity required to own, and internet dependency. The price is also shown so you can see just how far some people will go to be ‘cutting edge’.
So, text your kettle and tell it to boil, set your light fittings to on from your phone, and take a look at these rather bizarre additions to the ‘internet of (useless) things’.

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