Take the guesswork out of choosing an SSL with free SSL trials

Choosing an SSL isn’t always easy, whether you’re a newbie or wanting to try something new. That’s why we’re starting free trials this month. No more guessing if you’ve picked the right SSL type or vendor — try any SSL for free for 30 days, no strings attached. We’ll notify you of the launch via email, so stay tuned!

Free trials FAQ

How long is the trial period?

30 days.

Which SSL types are supported?

You can try all SSL types.

Am I eligible for a free trial?

Anyone who wants to try a new SSL is eligible, whether you’re an existing customer or a new user.

Are there any trial limitations?

The free trial is limited to one SSL per user account and one SSL per domain. For example, a user who gets a trial SSL for a specific domain will not be able to get further trial SSLs for separate domains. Likewise, a different user will not be able to use a trial SSL on a domain that has been previously secured with a trial SSL.

When trial period starts?

As soon as the SSL status in your account switches to “Pending.” You have 30 days to pass domain validation and company checks if you’re trying an organization validation or extended validation SSL

How do payments work?

We don’t ask for any payment details upfront, so you’re under no obligation to pay if you’re not happy with the service. We’ll send several email reminders about payment before trial period is up. We also recommend adding a reminder to your calendar, so you don’t miss the date. Alternatively, you can pay right after SSL is issued if you’re already feeling satisfied.

What happens when I pay?

You continue to enjoy your secured site! You will have paid for the SSL period you selected at checkout, so you won’t need to reissue or reinstall anything. However, if you chose an SSL period of longer than one year, it will need to be reactivated annually due to the SSL industry’s lifetime limit.

What happens if I don’t pay?

If you decide not to pay, the SSL will be canceled once the 30-day trial period is up. If you installed the SSL on your site, web browsers might start to display an error when it loads. Make sure to remove the HTTPS redirect and/or uninstall the SSL from your server(s).

Can I get a refund after the payment?

Trial SSLs have the same refund policy as regular ones. If your certificate was issued, you can get a refund within 15 days of the issuance date

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