How Does SSL Reactivation Work?

What Reactivation Means

Reactivation lets you purchase an SSL Certificate for up to 4 years. The industry rule makes SSLs valid for only 1 or 2 years, so we created a way of giving you the ability to choose 3 or 4 years.

We do this to give you the lowest prices possible. Typically, buying an SSL valid for more years gives you a bulk discount. It also protects you against industry prices rises.

For example, on our website if you choose to buy an SSL product for 4 years, that means 30 days before a 2 year lifespan ends, we’ll remind you to Reactivate. This will add the next 2 year slot, totalling the 4 year lifespan you chose when you first made your purchase. 

With some products, like PositiveSSL, we’ll remind you to Reactivate after 1 year to give you better prices.

Reactivation is free. In that way it’s similar to a Reissue. But Reactivation only happens if you buy the full total of years at your original purchase. If you originally bought an SSL Certificate for 2 years, but later decide you want it for 2 more years, you’ll need to Renew.

Why Reactivate? 

When you get a reminder from us to Reactivate, it’s important you do this to get the full number of years you originally paid for. This is completely free of charge.

If you don’t Reactivate, your SSL Certificate will expire, which means your website will no longer have encryption protection and your site will be flagged as ‘Not secure’ on Chrome browsers. But not to worry, you can Reactivate at any time within the lifespan you originally purchased. 

How To Reactivate 

When your SSL Certificate is 30 days from needing Reactivation, we’ll send you a few email reminders. You’ll see a Reactivate button in your user Account, and follow the system guidance steps. Once the Reactivation is complete, you’ll see the Certificate Expiry date change in your Account. 
In the same way as a Renewal, you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to install the SSL on your hosting account. But unlike a Renewal, this is not a new purchase.