Okay… I ordered an EV SSL. What’s next?

1. Certificate Activation

Follow these guidelines to get your certificate activated. Make sure to specify accurate details of your organization and the full-time employee.

2. Domain Validation

When the activation is complete, you will need to validate the domain(s) using the chosen method. Feel free to use Sectigo order status checker to manage DCV process.

3. Subscriber Agreement

Shortly after the certificate activation, you will receive a digital subscriber agreement form via email.

It is required to fill out the details of an authorized, full-time employee of the applying organization. This employee will then act as the one who signs the contract and approves the certificate.

4. Organization Validation

Sectigo will need up to 48 hours to review the submitted details and attempt to validate the organization using the publicly available records of your organization. As soon as new EV order is processed by validation team, they will send an email with the instructions regarding further actions to administrative contact email address.

There are three main ways to validate the legal, physical and operational existence of the organization.

  1. A registered and publicly verifiable record of the company with a government registration authority for your country
  2. A record in a Qualified Independent Information Source (e.g. dnb.com, bloomberg.com, upik.de)
  3. A legal opinion signed by attorney or certified public accountant letter confirming the physical existence, business operational existence and the fact of EV SSL application

4.1 Legal existence

Sectigo needs to verify the organization’s registration directly with an incorporating or registration agency. If they fail to do so, they may require a copy of Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation or other business registration document.

4.2 Physical existence

The physical address provided by the Applicant should be the address where the organization conducts business operations (not a mail drop, P.O. box or an address for an agent of the Organization). This address will be embedded in the SSL certificate.

4.3 Operational existence

The organization should have a current active demand deposit account with a regulated financial institution. The following details can be accepted by the CA to verify the operational existence:

  1. The Organization has been in existence for at least three years
  2. Dun & Bradstreet or Qualified Government Tax listing
  3. Bank statement
  4. A professional opinion letter

4.4 Trade or DBA name (optional)

This stage is applicable if the company conducts business under a name different from the official name of the organization. This name should be registered in a government agency.

Example of EV certificate issued for a Trade / DBA name

5. Callback verification

When the organization details are verified, Sectigo will reach out to the certificate applicant to schedule the callback to the verified phone number. The validation team needs to make sure that the person specified in the Subscriber Agreement form (1) did sign the contract with Sectigo; (2) is a full-time employee authorized to order the certificate.

6. Second approval

When the organization validation is complete, Sectigo validation team will review the details once again and then issue the certificate. The process usually takes two business days.

Common issues


  •      Submitted wrong business details (e.g. legal name, address)
  •      Forgetting to complete digital Subscriber Agreement

Organization validation

  •      Registration details are outdated
  •      Some government databases or docs do not list address
  •      Dun & Bradstreet displays outdated entity details
  •      Dun & Bradstreet does not list any entity members
  •      Most online government databases don’t display phone numbers


  •      Unable to answer the telephone during operating hours
  •      The needed extension or IVR was not submitted

Additional information

Dun & Bradstreet (DnB)


The registration process is free of charge. Here’s the link for non-US-based registrants. Else, you can contact the DnB branch for assistance using one of the methods described here. It usually takes up to 10 business days to allocate a special D-U-N-S number for your organization.


D&B may already have assigned a D-U-N-S number to your company based on the information provided by the registration agency or business partners.

You can search for your organization listing at D&B using their search service or look it up at their partner’s website.

Legal Opinion Letter

Legal Opinion Letter signed by a Lawyer, Latin Notary or Certified Public Accountant can be used:

a) When you need to verify the company details urgently;
b) When you do not want to publish some company details in the open/public database;
c) If any of the required details are missing in the government/independent information sources.

The person who signs the legal opinion or accountant letter should have a valid license within the country where the organization is registered or the country where the organization maintains an office or a physical facility. To expedite the validation process, we highly recommend requesting a Professional Opinion from a person who speaks English so that he or she can confirm the signature during phone verification with a Comodo (now Sectigo CA) validation agent. The email should include:

  1. Legal name of the organization
  2. Trade name or DBA name (optional)
  3. Street address
  4. Telephone number
  5. Bank account – “Bank Name”, “Account Number”
  6. Manual or digital signature
  7. First and last name of the person who signed the letter

Check the samples of legal opinion and accountant letters.


Feel free to get in touch with the Certificate Authority via Live chat regarding your order status and validation progress.

Please quote the CA order ID in all communication with Sectigo.