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SSLs.com: Better Than Ever

Here at SSLs.com, we keep a watchful eye on the latest website security trends, so we can always be sure we’re offering our clients the best SSL products available.

We’re also dedicated to offering the best shopping experience on the web. That’s why we’ve recently redesigned our entire website and moved it to a more robust platform. The new and improved SSLs.com is faster, easier to use and more interactive and it provides a better support experience.

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How SSLs.com Survived a Massive Four-Day DDoS Attack

We believe that most companies who do business online have been attacked by hackers at least once. Starting April 15, we were faced with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

We discovered the attack when the SSLs Site Seal checking system notified us that it was unable to ping SSLs.com.

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