Ultimate (Beginner’s) Guide to SSLs



Have you ever heard of an SSL and wondered what it’s for? You’ve heard that your website might need one, but googling it only returns overcomplicated graphs, encryption algorithms and mile long articles. The information out there is so boring it’s easy to give up and switch back to watching tiny hamsters eating burritos.

However, there’s an easy way to learn about SSL that we know you’ll love…

If your website is an eCommerce store, a site with passwords and logins or it collects any form of data from your visitors (even with a simple contact form) you need to read our web comic “Ultimate Guide To SSLs.” It explains SSL in a fun and interactive way so you can learn exactly how an SSL can protect you and your website from mean hackers who want to steal your visitor’s data whilst keeping your site Google-friendly.




Want to know what is the best SSL for your site?

– Let Paddy Padlock (our web comic mascot) explain what type you need and why.



Want to know why SSL certificates will help you stay high in Google search?

– No problem!


Don’t know your public from your private keys?

– This web comic has you covered.


Check out the web comic now and learn everything SSL faster than you can say “Secure Sockets Layer”.

You can find our guide here.



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