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11 site scanner security tools we’re thankful for

Top 11 security and SSL tools

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we want to give thanks to the oftentimes unsung heroes of website management and security — those who create useful apps and online tools (especially free and open source ones!) Without these tools, keeping websites and the online world as a whole safe would be a much more difficult task.

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Get Smart About Going Anonymous Online

Going incognito online is not about being shady. There are many good reasons to conceal your identity. You might want to keep your data safe from hackers, or bypass government censorship. You may simply want to browse privately so your friends don’t tease you, like maybe having a secret fascination with unicorns! The point is that most people will want to be anonymous at times. This guide explores your options, with tips to overcome hurdles along the way.

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Chrome’s security update is here. Did your site make the cut? Chrome hero The much-anticipated update to Google’s Chrome browser has recently taken effect, and it could change the way your site is viewed by visitors and search engines.

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Ultimate (Beginner’s) Guide to SSLs



Have you ever heard of an SSL and wondered what it’s for? You’ve heard that your website might need one, but googling it only returns overcomplicated graphs, encryption algorithms and mile long articles. The information out there is so boring it’s easy to give up and switch back to watching tiny hamsters eating burritos.

However, there’s an easy way to learn about SSL that we know you’ll love…

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Why is SSL Important?


Imagine you’re on a bus having a conversation about your sensitive financial data with your bank account manager, or chatting about camerapersonal details with a friend. Everything you say can easily be heard by anyone around you. This is how the Internet would look like without SSLs – it’s like you’re saying your bank account number, passwords, or secret love confessions out loud for all to hear. Sounds terrifying, right? An SSL certificate, in this context, would allow you to speak a language that can be understood only by you and the party to which you’re speaking. To the other “passengers” around you, however, it would sound like a white noise.

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Everything You Should Know About Wildcard SSL Certificates


Wildcard SSLs secure an unlimited amount of subdomains along with a domain name.This means that once you obtain the certificate, you are able to secure all one-level subdomains with the same certificate file.

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